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Refuge de Certascan

Auberge a Aulus

Gîte l'Escolan

Refuge de Certascan, 2240 m.

The building has been built in the thirties, for work and for the production of electricity. Nowadays it gives shelter to hikers.

Agustí Turon

Close a lake Certascan. The biggest natural high mountain lake of the Pyrenees.

From Tavascan a 6 kms piste by car till “Barrage de Montalto”. From here the road is blocked by a chain.

  • it’s better to go by foot following the trail called “Llurri”, or by following the road. In both cases a 3 hours walk has to be considered.


  • guarded
  • 40 places (if the guardian is absent there are 20 places available)
  • beds with mattress and blankets
  • water (summer) and solar electricity
  • toilets and hot showers (summer)
  • telephone and radio
  • kitchen
  • bar
  • restaurant